how to publish a game on Steam:

1. Register for a Steam Developer Account

  1. Steamworks Developer Registration: Go to the Steamworks website and register for a developer account. You will need to create an account and agree to the developer terms.
  2. Payment and Verification: Pay a registration fee of $100 and complete the identity verification process. You will also need to provide tax information.

2. Prepare Your Game

  1. Game Development: Complete the development of your game. Ensure that the game is functional and thoroughly tested.
  2. Build Preparation: Prepare the game build for supported platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

3. Upload Your Game to Steam

  1. Log into Steamworks: Log into Steamworks and create a new application for your game.
  2. Enter App Information: Provide detailed information about your game, including its name, description, price, and release date.
  3. Upload Game Build: Upload the prepared game build to Steam’s servers using the SteamPipe tool within the Steam client.

4. Configure Your Store Page

  1. Set Up Store Page: Configure your game’s store page by adding screenshots, videos, a detailed description, and appropriate tags.
  2. Set Pricing: Set the pricing for different regions.

5. Testing and Review

  1. Internal Testing: Thoroughly test your game to fix any bugs and ensure all Steam features (such as cloud saves and achievements) work correctly.
  2. Steam Review: Submit your game for review by the Steam team. They may request additional information or changes.

6. Prepare for Release

  1. Set Release Date: Set the release date for your game and complete the release preparations.
  2. Marketing: Promote your game through social media, gaming communities, and other channels.

7. Launch

  1. Release Your Game: Launch your game on the scheduled release date.
  2. Post-Launch Support: Continue to update your game and address player feedback after release.

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This is a simplified overview of the process, and each step involves detailed procedures and requirements. It’s important to follow the guidelines provided by Steam and proceed carefully through each phase.

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